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Marc Whitman

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As a resident of the Ojai Valley since childhood. With his intuitive sense of balance, rhythm, shapes and interacting forms, Marc Whitman is known as a significant contributor to the Art of Architecture.

After graduating from Nordhoff High School in Ojai in 1976, Marc went on to Arizona State University and received a Bachelor of Architecture in 1981. In 1989 he became licensed with the State of California and a member of American Institute of Architecture. He has received both N.C.A.R.B and LEED certification.

His small, privately-owned firm provides design, planning, pre-design studies, construction documents, and interior architectural services, buts its Marcs’ unique ability to see in three dimension and freehand sketch his ideas in perspective that sets him apart.

Marc’s work is deeply ingrained in his philosophy that the natural environment and architecture go hand in hand. His belief in the strength of the relationship between nature and design set the stage for his firm’s success. Winston Churchill is known for saying, “We shape our buildings, and then our buildings shape us.” Marc expands on this sentiment by asserting that “integrating architecture and nature is the ultimate marriage of heart and mind.” Such integration has resulted in structures that work beautifully and functionally in their environment, complementing, rather than opposing, nature. 

Marc maintains a balance between personal ambition and giving to the greater good with the awareness that his work influences all people, by creating meaningful and emotional work we ultimately gain purpose by leaving this world a better place by our contributions. He also refuses to let his personal tastes stand in the way of letting the clients and environment’s determining factors influence design. He views architecture as the conduit by which we combine our clients ideas with the environmental and social responsibilities.

Over his thirty years in practice, Marc’s firm has accrued an impressive collection of residential projects, predominately new custom homes but also includes remodels. He has completed numerous commercial projects—many of which have won awards—including The Watermark Restaurant, The Ojai Design Center, The Ojai Presbyterian Church restoration, the charming Blue Iguana and Emerald Iguana Inns,  and the Ojai Valley Paseo. (the building across from the Ojai Arcade).

While his design philosophy lies at the heart of his mission, Whitman Architectural Design strives to meet the highest quality of construction standards and production. Thirty years of experience in Ventura has solidified his expertise with the land, climate, politics and governmental agencies. By incorporating today’s modern technology with Old World hand crafted techniques Marc consistently produces work which stands apart. Marc values the clients input involving them throughout the process. He effectively coordinates his efforts with contractors, engineers and consultants to maximize cost-and energy-efficient designs.  In addition, Marc keeps environmental concerns at the forefront by incorporating energy efficient, sustainable and socially responsible design principles.

Marc’s involvement in the community extends past architecture to non profit organization.  He spent seven years on the City of Ojai Planning Commission and is now a member of the Ojai Rotary.

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