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green projects.

La Rana Borracha Cantina
Ojai, CA 2019

This AIA award winning passive game room was designed to optimize thermal reliance and reduce overall energy demand.


Several features of this game room include: excavation directly into the hillside, all electric solar energy sources, mechanical ceiling fans, a motorized skylight, large open walls, deep overhangs, stone veneer sourced on site, and locally salvaged wood. These features provide optimal air ventilation, net zero energy consumption, and total carbon sequestration. 

Bennitt Residence
Ojai, CA 2018

A fire safe, zero (operational) carbon, sculptural hillside home taking advantage of inspiring views.


This low operation carbon emitting residential home has 50-75% solar array hidden behind natural clay plaster parapets. While allowing for 100% daylight equipped with skylights, interior courtyards, and wide openings, this design minimized west facing glass and incorporated covered porches and deep overhangs to protect the building from excess sun exposure and unwanted heat gain. An electric car charging port is specified in the design and is utilized by the resident.  Permeable pavement was incorporated to minimize runoff and recharge ground water and a cool roof was also specified in the design to minimize additional solar gain during the Summer. 

Craftsman Village
Ojai, CA 2018

Craftsman Village is an infill Mixed Use, Residential, Live/Work and Office project that sits in between residential and industrial zones near downtown Ojai and is a testament to how a live/work community should work.


The site development required a ground water infiltration system in order to meet the MWELO site water retention requirements, on top of this infiltration system a small neighborhood park is incorporated for neighborhood use. There are also bioretention planters to help collect any runoff and filter it back into the ground.


The project integrates deep overhangs protecting the windows from the hot afternoon heat, with a minimum amount of glass on the west facing elevations. This project is located adjacent to a bike trail and is walking distance to public transit and services. 

Massey-Coleman Residence
Ojai, CA 2009

This award winning green point rated home featured in VC Star as " a green and fire-resistant home, utilizing cutting edge technologies in green building design and construction methods."


Built with Perform Wall, a super insulated concrete form (ICF) block made of recycled Styrofoam and concrete, which is fire, mold and sound resistant; solar electric PV panels, solar hot water heater, cool roof system, velux skylights and a radiant floor heating system.


Earning double the minimum point requirements; receiving well over 100 points using the "green point" rating system administered by Dave Intner, a green building expert; and was featured by Southern California Gas Company in their Advanced Home Program." 

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