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Marc Whitman is an award winning architect and pioneer in sustainable design. By utilizing both ancient and modern technologies, materials, and building methods along with extensive research and design development, Marc puts decarbonizing the built environment at the forefront of his work; approaching architecture as a means to create a mutually beneficial relationship between physical buildings and their surrounding environment. 

company commitment and philosophy

Ojai Meadows

Marc Whitman, Oil on Canvas

The built environment contributes 40% of global carbon emissions and it is our responsibility as architects, designers, and builders to promote, support, and inform each other and our clients about alternative practices and methods of building that can help mitigate the current climate crisis.

reporting data


 Emerald Topas

Marc Whitman, Oil on Canvas

Using a variety of tools including AIA 2030 DDX and numerous carbon calculation methods, we can perform a complete Life Cycle Analysis of all our projects to track carbon emissions and the overall environmental impact of a project from conception/design to demolition.

design and approach


Point Lobos

Marc Whitman, Oil on Canvas

We begin our design process with a primary concern for the long and short term impacts our buildings will have on the environment.

We have researched and implemented new sustainable building methods and materials to minimize our carbon footprint. See below for a list of these materials and methods.

education and training


Autumn in Montana

Marc Whitman, Oil on Canvas

With the implementation of our decarbonization program, we are able to research and test new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We make it a priority to educate our clients on the benefits and incentives that come with building net zero.



Autumn Upper Ojai

Marc Whitman, Oil on Canvas

Marc has kickstarted the Ventura AIA COTE chapter (Committee on the Environment) to spread the word on sustainable building and is heavy involved with the CCGBC (Central Coast Green Building Council) among other green building groups programs.  



Sierra Mountain Lake

Marc Whitman, Oil on Canvas

Whitman Architectural Design has made the AIA 2030 Commitment with the goal to reach net zero carbon emissions by the year 2030.

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